Developer Diary with Continue Play

Developer Diary with Continue Play

The awesome folks over at Continue-Play have asked us to do a guest blog about what went down during the contest.

Here's a short blurb about it :

"We wanted to stand out and after heavy discussion we decided to take a risk and go full-on 3D with the game. We knew we had our work cut out for us as we only had a month, so we kept concepts and models as simple as possible, which eventually led to the extremely cutesy look of the game that you see now.

We also had a few problems with the bridges, initially there were railings on them, as we thought the game was too hard. We decided to get rid of them as they were causing some depth problems and confusion when we tried to jump.

Dex says: “Having limited experience with Unity, I did waste time creating unnecessary tools to help in the development of the game, such as making a 3D grid system that would position the tiles properly and ensure that the tiles are precisely side by side. The team soon discovered a built-in method to attach one side of an object to another.”

We also had a ton of bugs. when we initially set up the game, you were able to cheat and jump one goat to the other side. So to rectify that problem, we put in the dreaded invisible walls to restrict their movement. For areas where we couldn’t use the invisible walls, the tiles were coded to a specific goat, so if the other would try to cheat across, they’d fall right through the tiles."

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