A Message in a Bottle

Hey friends!

Episode 2 has set sail! All you have to do is download the update on steam and you’re good to goat. (We apologize to our fans that this has taken longer than intended to release due to personal/health problems that happened along the way.)

Chubbs: o.o?
???: “Hi! I’m new here and I don’t know what I’m in for.”
Donut: “Ruff ruff!” (RED BUTTON!) *press*…*click*
Tempo: “Oh no! Not this again!”

Soooo…there’s a new friend and a dog with a problem. Surely you’ll help out right?
We thought trolls were bad in the past. But it looks like things are going to get a little more hairy this time, but hey, there’s loot to be found so it’s got to be worth it!

That treasure ain’t gonna find itself so it’s time to get your goat on again!

We hope that you enjoy it!

– – –
Introducing a new friend (also rather fond of ramen)
10 levels added with new themes and mechanics (easy/hard)
20 collectables and 7 achievements added
8 new costume sets and 15 dyes added to the store
10 new environments (tiles/sea/sky) added to the store
4 new original music tracks
Minor improvements and bug fixes

Tip: Press R (by default) to adjust Camera Angle.

~Team Cabygon