Once upon a time, on a planet not so different from yours, in the year 2014, there was a contest about goats making indie games sponsored by two great kingdoms known as ‘RPGMaker’ and ‘Humble Bundle.” The games were to be judged by dukes, duchesses and other great nobles, so the stakes were high. However, there was a catch, it came with a one month time frame.

Further away, in a small village, there were three good friends and a Cabygon (that’s a cat-rabbit-dragon fire-breathing creature that is quite friendly to those who don’t know their mythical creature lore very well), who then chanced upon the contest and decided to take part. They each fit a role perfectly, the Painter, the Sculptor and the Builder. They put their heads together, and came up with a battle plan. A plan, they hoped was good enough that mayhap the nobles would notice and they could leave their tiny village for the world out there.

– – –

The Painter drew plans and schematics to what was to become the final blueprint of the game. It involved a childhood terror, the Troll of whom all children were warned against, which lived under a great wooden bridge, and some goats which outsmarted the Troll once a long time ago.

The Sculptor looked over the plans and efficiently molded and sculpted great lumps of clay and marble into remarkably adorable little figures. And then he and the Painter set to painting the little figures with bright vibrant colours and dye, made out of flowers and insects.

The Builder, the strongest of the lot set to building the framework of the game. He toiled day and night to make sure the platforms worked for the little figures. It was discovered then, he developed a fondness of flamed corn coated in a substance known as chocolate while stressed. It was fortunate that they were farmers prior to the contest.

The Painter reached out to two very good friends who worked as bards at the local tavern. They were happy to help and provided soothing tunes for the game. Their faithful Cabygon provided comfort whenever they got too worked up and tired over the project.

– – –

Finally, the one month was up. After toiling away at their little project for so long, day and night, their ordeal as it were, was over. They brought the game about Goats and Troll, to the competition grounds and gawped. The competition grounds were packed with people, and tension ran high, it looked about close to eight hundred other participants. It was going to be a very long judging period. The trio were to go home and wait for the results many days later when a herald was to announce the winners far and wide across the land.

The judges were formidable and rated games with expertise and grace. And when it finally ended, it turned out their efforts weren’t for naught. While they did not win the great grand prize and glory they so desired, they did catch the eye of the ‘Duchess of Sabres’ from the Kingdom of Fragdolls. She proclaimed the dainty little figures and charming little set her game of choice for the games.

– – –

The trio were elated and it was a new beginning for them. They built a little hut on a hill and continued to work on their game for it was far from their final vision. They also enlisted the help of two more friends, the Blacksmith, famed far and wide for his skill with a hammer, and the Mathematician, a talented veritable Adonis of a man who lived on a boat.

It is said that somewhere out there, this team of five and two halves (because the bards are still working at the tavern) are now inching closer to completing the fabled game of goats, troll and bridges.


To be continued…